You might be apprehensive about traveling to Israel, so we want to let you know that your safety and security are our #1 priority, and in accordance with Birthright Israel’s policies, we do our utmost to ensure both.

  • We have new updates for Summer 2020 trips regarding COVID-19. 
  • While trips are running, Birthright Israel operates an Information Line that is available 9 am – 5 pm EST . Always available via e-mail at or via telephone at 1-888-99-ISRAEL (1-888-994-7723) should you have further questions.

How Is the Trip Structured to Maximize Security?

  • The Situation Monitoring Room: careful itinerary planning and ongoing communication with the Israeli security authorities

Here’s how it works: in accordance with Birthright Israel’s policy, we have a special committee with representatives from Birthright Israel, the Israel Defense Forces, the Israel Police, and the Israeli Ministry of Education, called the “Situation Monitoring Room.” The committee reassesses our itinerary each day. Each group is equipped with a GPS tracking device, and the committee uses this and constant contact with our staff to keep tabs on us. If any change to our itinerary is recommended at any point in time due to security concerns, we implement it right away.

  • Safe travel, highly trained staff, and supervised free time

We use our own private secured tour buses, and our bus companies, drivers, and all other staff are subject to Birthright Israel’s strict standards. Each group is accompanied by a highly trained security guard. We adhere to Birthright Israel’s strict policies and so while we make every effort to allow students the time and space to explore on their own, they are never allowed to leave the group without authorized supervision. Our guides and group leaders carry cell phones and can be reached by our head office at all times.

Have You Ever Had a Security Incident?

No. Not a single one. And Birthright Israel has brought more than 700,000 participants to Israel over the last 20 years, including during the height of conflicts that have taken place over that time.

How Do You Know It’s Safe?

First and foremost, it’s important to know that despite what it may sometimes looks like on the news, Israel is generally a safe country. Millions of tourists visit Israel safely every year and 8 million Israelis live their everyday lives.  So, in general, our usual security measures make a pretty safe trip even safer.

You should know that even at the height of the conflicts we had groups in Israel that have a great time and stay perfectly safe thanks to our security policies.

Doesn’t All This Stuff Take Away from the Experience?

Nope! Most of it is going on behind the scenes, and we do our utmost to give you as much freedom as possible to explore while looking out for your safety.

What other safety policies does Birthright Israel implement?

Birthright Israel has an alcohol policy to help ensure the safety of its participants. Every participant must sign and agree to the policy form before the trip. To read the alcohol policy, click here.

Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns, and if you’d like, we can put you in touch with past participants who can confirm the above: that they felt safe and secure while on the trip and that they had lots of fun.

For more information on safety and security guidelines directly from Birthright Israel, click here.

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