Interested in semester or year aboard programs in Israel?  Here are some great options! For more info contact Barak Shechter:

Masa Israel Journey: Over 200 study, internship and volunteer opportunities all over Israel.  Its program finder let’s you search a range of dates, locations, and types of programs so you can find  the most relevant options for you. For more info contact Rachel: Duration: 5 months+

Thrive – Hebrew University : An immersive Israel program designed to allow motivated students to gain an in-depth and sophisticated appreciation of Israel. Through mature discussions and exhilarating experiences, students will understand the excitement of the land of Israel, as well as the challenges that face the entire Jewish community. For more info visit, www.thrivehu.comDuration: Fall/Spring Semester.  

Aliyah: Loved your Israel Free Spirit trip to Israel and now you want to move to Israel? Making Aliyah is an exciting yet rigorous process, and we want to assist you in all ways possible. One of our partners, Nefesh-B’Nefesh, works with the Israeli government and The Jewish Agency for Israel, to help minimize the financial, professional, logistical and social obstacles of Aliyah. For more info visit,

Jewish Study programs:

jInternship: Are you a university student or recent graduate looking for an amazing internship opportunity? jInternship can hook you up with the top Israeli companies spanning over fifty industries. Not only will you gain valuable practical professional experience, you’ll have a chance to tour more of Israel, explore its history and participate in inspiring and empowering classes on Judaism with the world’s top-class Jewish educators. For more info, visit http://www.jinternship.comDuration: 3-16 weeks. Cost: $350 

Way More Israel: You’ve spent 10 days exploring Israel, but you know there’s way more to see and do…You can combine living in Israel like a local, learning Hebrew and padding your resume on the Way More Israel program.  This 8-week program consists of 2 weeks of Ulpan and volunteering, a 6-week internship at the company of your choice, and trips around Israel.  It’s based in the Old City of Jerusalem for ages 19-27. For more infor, visit  Duration: 5 months. Cost: $3,300 + Airfare

For Men:   

  • Essentials: For those who want to explore their Jewish heritage and spirituality on their own terms – examines the relevance of being Jewish in today’s world. For more info, visit
  • Ohr Somayach: Offering a number of introductory learning programs on various Jewish topics including: chumash, mishnah, law, and philosophy, and including trips. For more info, visit
  • Shappell’s Darche Noam: For students that have spent some time at an Ohr Somayach or Aish and are prepared to advance to a more classical Yeshiva: a full program of classes, independent study, guest speakers, weekend getaways, and tours. For more info, visit

For Women:

  • Shearim: Designed for those curious about their Jewish heritage. No prior knowledge of Jewish Studies, commitment to Jewish observance, or knowledge Hebrew is required. The breadth of the curriculum provides a well-balanced introduction to Jewish thought, text, tradition, and practice. For more info visit,
  • Midreshet Rachel V”Chaya: Combines formal instruction with independent chavruta-partner work in Chumash, Prophets, Halachah, Prayer and Ethics. Plus spend time outside the classroom with educational tours of Israel, attending Shabbatonim and putting your learning into action by participating in a chosen community service project. For more info visit
  • Neve Yerushalayim: Empowering today’s Jewish women to tackle life’s toughest personal, philosophical and theological issues in a sensitive and thoughtful environment. Set in the scenic Har Nof neighborhood of Jerusalem, Neve offers it participants the opportunity to interact and develop close relationships with some of the most stimulating teachers in the Jewish world today. For more info visit,


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