The Birthright Israel Basics

What’s included?

  • Roundtrip airfare to/from Israel
  • All accommodations and activities
  • 2 meals a day
  • Staff + Security

How far away is it?

Tel Aviv is an 11-hour flight from NYC. We also offer connecting flights from coast to coast.

How many days is it?

We have 7-day and 10-day options filled with action packed adventure and exciting exploration. (Check out the itinerary!)

Is it Safe?

Israel spends a lot of time in the headlines, and sometimes those headlines are alarming. But Israel, in general, is just as safe as any other developed country. On the contrary: violent crime, including terrorism, is less common in Israel than it is in the USA. As is required by Israeli law for any large group of travelers, we will be accompanied by armed security personnel/trained medic and will be keeping you in safe locations. To learn more about our current safety measures during this time, check here.

Why Israel?

For a tiny strip of land smaller than the size of New Jersey, Israel sure gets a lot of attention. This has been true throughout history. Not only is it located right on the crossroads between Europe, Asia and Africa; all three of the major monotheistic faiths have deep ties to it. This gives it great religious and historical significance. Almost half of the world’s Jews call it home today.

You’ve probably heard about it on the news. Maybe you’ve participated in political debates or attended a protest or two. Everyone seems to have an opinion about Israel. Come see for yourself what it’s all really about.

What is There to See?

From the beaches of Tel Aviv to the Western Wall in Jerusalem, Israel has something for everyone. Amazing archaeological sites for history buffs. Places of deep religious significance for the spiritually inclined. Breathtaking trails for hikers. A vibrant nightlife for party-goers. Incredibly diverse landscapes, flora and fauna for nature lovers. Great music. Delicious Middle Eastern cuisine. Whatever it is, Israel’s got it… and it’s on our itinerary.

Why with Israel Free Spirit?

We don’t just want you to visit Israel. We want you to experience Israel and make it uniquely yours. We’ll take you to the famous sites—and the little hotspots off the beaten path. We’ll give you a taste of everything—the food, the music, the nightlife. We’ll introduce you to the diverse and fascinating people of Israel and give you an opportunity to hang out with them and hear what their experiences are like.

Our trip is so much more than any old vacation abroad. It’s the experience of a lifetime, and we guarantee you, it’s one you’ll never forget.

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When should I go?

Life gets busy, seriously. Before you know it you may have internships, classes, jobs pop up unexpectedly. You may also have more and more kinds of wonderful life duties and responsibilities that may also tie you down, making it harder to travel. Some of you may already have them now!  But our participants have told us that if you have (or can make) the chance to go now, don’t put it off. This is one trip you don’t want to regret not taking.

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