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Sample Itinerary of Our Trips

  • Shalom & Welcome to Israel!

    Day 1

    • FINALLY landed in Israel!! #soexcited
    • Showed off my acting chops at Caesarea’s authentic Roman theater
    • My first official meal in Israel!!! #hummus
    • Tried a sample of some fresh, world-class olive oil @OleaEssence’s olive press
    • Arrived at the hotel in Tiberias-loving those beachy breezes!
    • Watched the sun set behind the Kinneret over dinner #notjusthummus
    • Chilled on the hotel balcony. All I see are clear skies, sand, and water...#awesome
    "As soon as I landed in Israel, I had this feeling of coming home. Thank you for allowing me to experience the friendships, memories, and new experiences that I will forever treasure."
  • Work Out, Rock Out

    Day 2

    • Woke up for the first time in ISRAEL!!!
    • Hiked through some GORGEOUS waterfalls in the Golan Heights
    • Rafting on the Jordan River
    • Shopping AND eating - at the same time! I <3 Katzrin
    • Got all #classy tasting wines @GolanHeightsWinery
    • Toured an old bunker, Mount Bental-Syria is right there whoa!
    • Good thing I exercised almost the whole day BEFORE dinner-yum!
    • Had a PRIVATE concert with an Israeli superstar #VIP
    "I went on Israel Free Spirit expecting just a free trip to Israel. What I got was the experience of a lifetime."
    Tara Y.
  • #CultureCrashCourse

    Day 3

    • Officially a big fan of Israeli breakfasts #shakshuka
    • Met up with our trip’s Israeli participants!
    • Rode a bike through Hula Valley #windinmyhair
    • Lunchtime! FYI-Juice tastes WAY better when it’s freshly squeezed
    • Toured the picture-perfect city of Tzfat
    • Explored a genuine artist colony
    • Personally met inspiring Kabballah artists
    • Ate a HUGE dinner. Who knew that art could make you so hungry?
    • Learned about real life in Israel from our Israeli participants
    • Enjoyed a relaxing night by the Kinneret
    "Hanging out with the eight Israelis on the trip taught me that we’re so much more similar than I realized."
    Karen K.
  • I Heart Tel Aviv

    Day 4

    • Chilled on a beautiful Mediterranean beach
    • Learned how to play an Israeli sport called "matkot." I'm a natural!
    • Jaffa looks like a fishing town out of an old period movie-can’t believe it’s still standing!
    • SHOPPING!!!
    • Relived the signing of Israel’s Declaration of Independence #wethepeople
    • Stood on my own soapbox in Rabin Square
    • Unwound at the new hotel. These hotels SERIOUSLY have the best views!
    • Explored the best of Israeli nightlife #bestnightever
    "I love the energy, culture, people, and style of Israel!"
    Brianna G.
  • Jerusalem!!!

    Day 5

    • Swung by the Mount Scopus overlook-what a view! SO PSYCHED FOR THIS!!!!
    • Bought some fresh rugelach at Machane Yehuda
    • Love these hotels!! Nothing says heaven like a pre-Shabbat swim.
    • My first trip EVER to the Western Wall!! #beyondwords
    • Wow....if I thought the food was good so's got NOTHING on Shabbat!!!
    "Growing up I felt unlucky being Jewish. Because of the trip I now feel proud – I’ve never felt so lucky to be who I am."
    Hayley H.
  • Shabbat Shalom

    Day 6

    • FACT: Breakfast in this country is AMAZING.
    • Got inspired discussing our identity and role in the world
    • SO. MUCH. FOOD.
    • Took the time to stop and smell the roses @WohlRoseGarden
    • Laughed my head off doing improv #rofl
    • So, my stomach officially LOVES this country...
    • Was moved to tears singing during Havdalah
    • Had a night out on the town-Ben Yehuda is where it's AT!!
    "This trip helped bring meaning back into my life."
    Alex P.
  • Past, Present, & Future

    Day 7

    • And, in case I didn't eat enough yesterday-BREAKFAST!
    • Got a rundown of the situation in the Middle East-I didn’t know how much I didn’t know!
    • Toured the Old City of Jerusalem-people have been living here for 2000 years!
    • Ate #falafel walking the streets of the Old City. Officially feel like a real Israeli.
    • The 2000-years thing? The Cardo columns are STILL standing from 1500 years ago!
    • Took a tour into the tunnels UNDER the Western Wall. Those bricks are HUGE!
    • The City of David’s absolutely gorgeous!
    • Explored the meaning of life
    • Photo by Caroline Kaufman
    "I laughed, learned, cried, sang, jumped for joy, and stood speechless in amazement. I will never forget my time in Israel."
    Greg M.
  • Remember & Respect

    Day 8

    • Need a good meal for the day ahead!
    • Visited Yad Vashem and Mt. Herzel #neverforget
    • Drove to the South - great views
    • Rode a camel! I've officially been in Israel.
    • Drank AUTHENTIC Bedouin coffee with a real sheikh!
    • Learned how to make a Bedouin basket-best souvenir yet!
    • Ate a traditional Bedouin hafla dinner
    • Explored the desert after dark-it's so pretty!
    • Had a bonfire under the stars #smores
    • Slept in a Bedouin tent
    "Every day was packed with something incredible and new."
    Photo by Will J.
  • Health & Well-Being

    Day 9

    • There is NOTHING like the smell of Bedouin coffee in the morning!
    • Hiked all the way to the top of Masada!
    • Celebrated bar- and bat-mitzvahs with my new friends.
    • Picnic on top of an ancient fortress? Don't mind if I do!
    • Floated in the Dead Sea-so freaky!
    • Covered myself in mineral rich mud-sometimes you just gotta get dirty.
    • Visited the Ein Gedi Oasis-it's like a little bit of heaven in the middle of a desert
    • Can't believe this will be my last dinner here-better make it count!
    • Recap of where we've been and what to take from it into our lives
    "I had the best time on this trip, thank you!"
    Daniel S.
  • Goodbye...for now

    Day 10

    • Could I make The Last Breakfast a thing?
    • Picked my own tomatoes @SaladTrail
    • Israel does BBQ right! #shwarma
    • Volunteered with some awesome Israeli kids
    • Partied it up one last time #notgoodbye
    • Got back on the plane a new person
    "Loved experiencing life here and seeing how much we can learn and connect to it."
    Tara M.


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