It is mandatory for all Birthright Israel participants, to have health insurance for the duration of the trip, which is valid in Israel.

If you have health insurance in the USA, give them a call to check if they cover you while you’re aboard. If not, we recommend CTAS insurancewhich provides medical AND travel insurance.

The price of the insurance will be $50. You can purchase additional coverage for $10 for connecting domestic flights. If you’re extending, your coverage can continue for $4.50/day.

Other Insurance Details to Know:

You are required to submit this information to us as part of the “Travel” section in  your application. This will include name of Insurance company, policy number and contact information for the company.

Your health/medical insurance must be valid in Israel throughout the period covered by your trip. Of course if you plan to extend your trip – you will want to ensure it’s covered for that time period as well.

Most people are aware of the benefits of health insurance; however, you also need to consider travel insurance – this can cover the cost of lost/stolen baggage, cameras, phones, etc. In addition, if you are purchasing a connecting domestic flight, this may cover your costs should your flight be cancelled or delayed due to bad weather.

If you do not have an existing policy – you have complete freedom of choice as to where you purchase this insurance, but you MUST ensure that you have coverage otherwise you will not be permitted to join the program.


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