Looking for something a little bit longer? Ranging between 1-2 months, here are some great internships, fellowship, and volunteer opportunities to consider for your extension or return trip. Any questions, just email Barak Shechter: barak@israelfreespirit.com

jInternship: Are you a university student or recent graduate looking for an amazing internship opportunity? jInternship can hook you up with the top Israeli companies spanning over fifty industries. Not only will you gain valuable practical professional experience, you’ll have a chance to tour more of Israel, explore its history and participate in inspiring and empowering classes on Judaism with the world’s top-class Jewish educators. For more information, visit http://www.jinternship.comDuration: 3-16 weeks. Cost: $350 

OU Onward Israel: A summer fellowship program that takes you forward in your career and provides real networking opportunities with Israeli peers and an authentic taste of modern day Israel. This program also includes classes on Jewish philosophy and wisdom. Duration: 6+ weeks. Cost: $300 + Airfare To register email Dory Leviashvili: dory@israelfreespirit.com

Way More Israel: You’ve spent 10 days exploring Israel, but you know there’s way more to see and do…You can combine living in Israel like a local, learning Hebrew and padding your resume on the Way More Israel program.  This 8-week program consists of 2 weeks of Ulpan and volunteering, a 6-week internship at the company of your choice, and trips around Israel.  It’s based in the Old City of Jerusalem for ages 19-27. For more information, visit www.waymoreisrael.com  Duration: June 26 –August 18 2016. Cost: $350

Video Activism Summer Fellowship: A unique 7 week internship based in the historic old city of Jerusalem. Our professional media training places emphasis on Israel advocacy, movie production, viral marketing and Jewish identity.  More than an internship, Video Activism is an amazing life experience involving touring the country, awesome adventures, and connecting to Israel and the Jewish people.  Includes full room, board, insurance and travel.  Includes full room, board, insurance, and travel.  For more information visit videoactivism.tv or email: ori@videoactivism.tv Duration: June 4 – July 25. Cost: $500

Magen David Adom—Ambulance Volunteer Program: Considering a career in medicine? MDA offers a two-month program that includes first-aid training and placement in one of the numerous MDA centers around the country. Volunteers work on ambulances, providing first aid and emergency care. The program includes housing in absorption centers, as well as trips and seminars. For more information, visit: www.mdavolunteers.org/overseas-program Duration: 5 weeks. Cost: starts at $1040

 For even more Israel program options, visit www.tripstoisrael.org

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