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Take a Journey With Us to Israel...for Free

Israel Free Spirit: Taglit-Birthright Israel is all about you! Catering to your schedule, your interests, your background, your campus, your friends, your experience. Tons of trip dates, epic niche choices, award-winning itinerary, and free extensions.

  • Exploring Israeli culture, history, and soul
  • A Taglit-Birthright Israel trip organizer since 1999
  • Wine-tasting & trying delicious exotic new foods
  • Watching the sun rise over the desert from high atop Masada
  • Scenic jeeping & rafting down the Jordan River
  • Floating in the Dead Sea, relaxing by the Mediterranean
  • Experiencing Shabbat in the Old City of Jerusalem
  • Amazing tour guides & warm, fun staff!
  • Riding camels in the heart of the Judean Desert
  • Engaging discussions designed to explore the richness of life
  • Receiving Bar & Bat Mitzvah Gifts
  • FREE trip extensions & subsidized return trips
  • Hiking & extreme sports!
  • Meeting artists, musicians, performers, celebrities, etc...
  • Getting to know Israeli soldiers and peers
  • Super comfortable, no matter how you Jew!

Before the trip, Israel was just another country to me. I didn't feel like it was really my home. After experiencing the beautiful landscapes and sites, I can honestly say that Israel is now my home land.

Ralph Setton

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