Refundable Deposit

A refundable security deposit of $250 must be submitted in order for your Primary Application to be complete.

Wait, What? You Said This Trip Was Free!

Yes, and we mean it! We cover the hotels, two meals/day, touring, activities, airfare to/from Israel and everything! We will return your deposit soon after you return to the USA.  If you don’t get to go on a trip, then we’ll return your deposit as soon as you request it back or automatically at the end of the season

Then Why Do We Need to Submit It?

We ask you for a deposit because we want to make sure you’re committed. We are investing thousands of dollars and loads of energy, time and manpower in making this trip both possible and awesome. A monetary deposit will help us make sure you’re on board.

Will I Get It Back, No Matter What?

There are only three situations in which a deposit might not be returned:

  • Canceling the trip after the deadline. (Usually about 1-2 months before your trip, you’re told in advance of the exact deadline date.)
  • Lying about eligibility. (If discovered before the trip departs, you lose the deposit. If discovered while on the trip, you lose the deposit plus you pay for the cost of the trip.)
  • Serious misbehavior or violation of trip guidelines.

We know you want to keep this trip both fun and safe for yourself and others, and that you wouldn’t do any of those things. So, seriously, you’ve got nothing to worry about! 🙂

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