Trying to decide what to do with days of freedom from work or school? The best time to go on your Birthright Israel trip is NOW. You never know what you’ll get busy with in the future, so if you have time for a life-changing experience then take it! Let’s GO

Here’s why thousands of people choose #IsraelFreeSpirit as their trip organizer every year!

1. Rated Leading Trip Organizer in Participant Satisfaction

After every trip participants fill out an evaluation form about their experience via the Szold Institute. This past year our participants rated their trips higher than participants on other Birthright Israel trips!

2. Our Customized Itinerary

We make sure you experience everything incredible that Israel has to offer.  From the little known hotspots, to the greatest attractions, you’ll see and feel Israel.

For example: We spend Shabbat in Jerusalem even though it’s expensive, because our participants tell us that experiencing the Western Wall on Friday night and the unique Shabbat atmosphere of Jerusalem is truly a life changing experience, and worth coming on the whole trip for!

3. There’s Something For Everyone

We cater to people of all Jewish backgrounds. Most trips are non-denominational, while a few trips are designed for specific denominations. We also try our best to make sure you are able to hear a balanced range of perspectives. This way you’ll feel comfortable no matter how you Jew.

4. You Get the Real Israel

From hanging out with the Israeli peers that join every trip for 5-10 days, to making s’mores at the bonfire in the Bedouin tents, you’ll jump right into a whole new world with our interactive itinerary, and experience the real Israel.

5. Meaningful Experiences

Our trips go beyond the touristy sites and the camel selfies. In addition to rafting, hiking, ATV’ing and camel riding, you’ll also be able to volunteer, engage in thought provoking discussions, ask questions, and build life-long connections.

6. Trip Extensions

We are the only Birthright Israel trip organizer that has a full time follow up director. Our follow up director can assist you with the flight extension logistics  you need to extend your trip, and he can connect you to post Birthright Israel programs. He visits each trip and becomes a familiar and helpful face that you will recognize after the trip, if you do decide to stick around.

7. We Build Your Community

We work to make sure that both during and after the trip, you make amazing connections & friendships. Plus, we’re the first trip organizer to offer a competition to fly your Israeli participants to the USA for a weekend reunion with your entire bus!

We’ll also connect you with other alumni in your area so you can continue building your community.

8. Our Incredible Staff

We understand the importance of having great staff leading your Birthright Israel trip, which is why each of your staff members are handpicked for their leadership and past Israel experience. So, who’s on your trip? In addition to the engaging Israeli tour educator and an Israeli madricha (leader), you’ll have 2-3 dynamic and relatable American staff.

Here at Israel Free Spirit, we’ve been running these trips since Birthright Israel first started in 1999. That translates to hundreds of Israel Free Spirit trips with thousands of excited participants who have joined us from across North America!

9. Diverse Trip Options

Every trip can be customized based on background, age, travel date, interests, profession, community, and/or college. This way you’ll get to pick the trip that fits YOU.

10. You’ll See the Big Picture

Israel is one of the most talked about countries in the world. On our trip, you’ll experience it all, from the rich history going back 2,000 years to the everyday life of a modern Israeli. You’ll get the whole perspective: the people, the natural beauty, the politics, the technology, the overlap of past, present, and future, and much more.



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