Cell Phones & Wifi

Each participant must have a phone with calling capabilities during the trip (not just Groupme, Messenger, Whatsapp, etc). We have organized a group discount rate for you guys with Talk’n’Save, order it here. Perks include:

  •  Free delivery option in Israel (received on first day of the trip)
  •  Options include Data, Unlimited calling, and Texting plans
  •  Optional American Keep’n’Touch local number (see #MoneySavingTips)

My phone is my LIFE! Can I bring it with me?

Yes, you can!  Our discounted phone providing partner,  Talk’n’Save, offers you SIM card options with plans so that you can take your beloved phone with you. The SIM cards are compatible with most major smartphones once they’ve been regionally unlocked, ranging from iPhones to Androids — if you want to make sure your phone compatible, check the FAQ here.

Is there wifi? Need My Data Plan!

There is very limited wifi in Israel, which is why all the Talk’n’Save plans include data so you can stay connected to friends and family. Compare the options here.

Is texting covered? idk how 2 live w/o txting!!!!

There are texting plans available, so you can always be in touch with your group. Compare the options here.

What about all my other devices?

If you want to bring along a tablet or a laptop, they have wifi solutions for you too! You can get a netstick for a single device, or a mobile hotspot to use for wifi on ALL your gadgets. Order here.

#ProTip: One of our staff members says: “I don’t recommend bringing a laptop. It’s very expensive to rent an internet stick here and bringing expensive items such as laptops on trips may get lost. There is wifi in some of the hotels and cafes.  In the past 4 Birthright Israel trips that I went on, no one has ever rented an internet stick.”

How do I unlock my phone?

Most phone carriers will unlock it for you if you simply ask them. If they’re stubborn about it, there are many places that will unlock it for you for a fee. In the case of iPhones, if you get it jailbroken (which sounds super hardcore but is actually totally legal), that almost always unlocks it too.

Heeeeeelp! My phone is incompatible!

Deep breaths. It’s okay! If you still want to bring along a phone of your own, there are plenty of compatible unlocked phones floating around on places like ebay. And as a bonus, many of them are already unlocked. However, the simplest and cheapest option is probably to just rent a Talk’n’Save phone for the trip.

I’ve heard about calling cards for international travel. Can I do that?

Sure you can! Calling cards can be bought from lots of providers, when you land in Israel or before you leave the States, and you can have your folks back home get one too, in order to minimize long distance charges. Read up about them here.

There’s a time difference, right? When can I call home?

Israel is 7 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time, and since we get back to our hotels at 8 PM Israel time, let your people back home know that the best time to call is between 1 and 5 PM Eastern Time.

What important numbers should I have?

For your convenience, we’re going to send you the cell phone and office phone numbers of key staff in Israel before you even get here. Feel free to pass them on to family or friends back home, but note that while the staff cell phone numbers will be answered, they’re only for emergencies. Non-urgent matters should be directed to the office numbers, the hotel numbers, or by having you call home.

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