Pre-Trip Checklist

Passport Requirements: Double check that your passport is valid at least 6 months from your departure date! Submit your documents in the Travel section of your application.

ETA-IL Visa: As of August 1st 2024, travelers from North America to Israel are required to apply for an ETA-IL Entry Permit before boarding their flight, (this is not applicable to Israeli passport holders). Please Note: any associated costs with attaining the ETA-IL is not covered by Israel Free Spirit/Birthright Israel and is the sole responsibility of the participant. Apply here.

Health & Travel Insurance: It’s mandatory for all Birthright Israel participants to have valid health insurance in Israel for the duration of the trip! Our option combine both health & travel insurance. Get travel/medical insurance through our partner company here.

Cell Phones: It is mandatory for all participants to have a phone with calling capabilities. Get a cell phone/SIM card for your upcoming trip here.

Packing Info and Baggage Rules: “HELP!! What do I pack?!!” Don’t stress, we prepared a list of essentials and fun extras you may want to bring with you! You can bring one checked bag (weighing no more than 50lbs), one personal item, and one carry bag. Get information on baggage rules to ensure that your luggage is of proper size and weight.

Flight Info & Extensions: Because 10 days just isn’t enough. Here’s info about how to extend your ticket, general flight information, and instructions on how to purchase traveler’s health insurance after the end of the group trip (if you are extending).

Money Exchange: We recommend bringing cash along although credit cards and ATMs are common in Israel. On the first day of the trip a money exchange representative comes to your group so don’t worry about exchanging beforehand or at the airport.

Exchange Rates: Make sure you are aware of the current exchange rate before you depart for your trip! This way you will know how much money you are spending while you’re there.

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