Participants will be removed from the program for use or possession of alcohol against Taglit regulations, for failure to abide by the terms of this policy, and also for level of inebriation that impedes participation in an activity, or results in intoxication. There will be no tolerance for drunkenness and/or drunk or disorderly conduct.

Drinking is not permitted on the flight to Israel.

Drinking is never permitted during program time or while on the bus.

Drinking is not permitted in participants or any hotel/guest house bedrooms.

Drinking is only permitted in locations that are authorized and designated for that purpose eg, pubs, hotel bar etc., with the Trip Organizers’ full knowledge and consent.

Purchase of any form of alcohol for later use outside the designated place is not permitted.

It is forbidden to buy (or be in possession of) bottles or multiple cans of alcoholic drinks of any kind; from supermarkets, grocery stores, kiosks, duty free, or anywhere else.

Staff are not permitted to drink during the course of the 10 day trip.

Staff may not purchase alcohol for participants.

Participants may purchase a closed bottle of wine as a gift to bring home when visiting a winery with their group.

Purchasing alcohol in the hotel bar is only permitted if the Trip Organizer has personally approved such to the group’s educational staff.

In evenings prior to strenuous activities, such as the climb up Massada (for health and safety reasons), alcohol consumption will not be allowed. Trip Organizers may add to this list at their discretion.

Outings to pubs and bars as a group activity is not permitted.

During ‘Leisure Nights’ participants may go to a bar and pub and drink responsibly within the parameters of the Taglit regulations.

Soldiers participating in the program as part of Mifgashim may not consume any alcoholic drinks due to general I.D.F.’s instruction.

Failure to abide by the policy will result in immediate removal from the trip.

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