By the Numbers

Our network of over 1 million people connects you to a global community that looks out for each other. College students, young professionals, Jewish educators, Israeli locals, entrepreneurs, artists, yoga-lovers, and so many more serve as a link to countless opportunities just because of your connection to Israel Free Spirit.

110 Campus & Community Recruiting Partners

We create more trips from colleges and communities that give you a better chance to go and keep the connection when you get back.

48 Alumni Hired on Our Team

Just this year Israel Free Spirit alumni represent our recruiters, interviewers, marketing interns, trip staff, registration coordinators, alumni associates, and gamification experts.  We’re constantly posting seasonal, part-time, and full-time opportunities for our alumni.

530 Internships in Israel for our Alumni

Have the option to intern for Israel’s top companies in your field. Legit #bonuspoints for your resume.

$12,500 in Cash and Prizes Given to Alumni

It literally pays to keep in touch with us on social media. Whether it’s through video contests, photo competitions, or Bring Israel Home, we love giving away free stuff!

2,320 Holiday Packages Sent

Every Hanukkah and Purim, we send our alumni gifts for the holiday.

7 All-Expense Paid Reunions with the Israelis Flow-In to the USA

Compete in our #BringIsraelHome competition with your group after the trip to win a weekend reunion with your mifgashim (Israeli friends) flown-in to the USA!  

26,992 Miles Flown to Thailand and Germany on Alumni Follow-Up Trips

Priority for Thailand and Germany trips through our partnership with Justifi and Germany Close-Up.

349 Masa Long-Term Programs to Israel

Choose from hundreds of programs (study abroad, teaching fellowships, social service projects, etc) and live like a local for 5 months or more. 

20 Israel Short-Term Trips To Go Back

More free trips to Israel?! Yep! Check out these free & subsidized trips or email us at

10 Extension Programs

Go ahead and extend, it’s on us! Choose from free and subsidized extension programs to see even more of Israel.

350 College Resources at Your Fingertips

The Jewish Geography 101 App, developed by one of our partners, features Jewish events and resources on over 150 college campuses.


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