Amazing Reviews of Our Birthright Israel Trips



 I made sure to choose Israel Free Spirit as the trip provider because all my friends told me it was the best trip to go on…and they were so right! 

– Jenny P.

 This trip is legitimately the best gift ever! 

– Aaron I.


 Where I was growing up, there weren’t other Jews to be in a community with…but now I feel like I have a Jewish family with the 48 new friends from my trip and I thank you for that. 

– Hannah O.

 I went on Israel Free Spirit expecting just a free trip to Israel. What I got was the experience of a lifetime. 

– Tara Y.


 I laughed, learned, cried, sang, jumped for joy, and stood speechless in amazement. I will never forget my time in Israel. 

– Greg M.

 I feel like I made the most amazing friends. These people were strangers and now they’re seriously like family! 

– Jake G.


 This trip has been more than I ever expected and everything I wanted it to be. 

– Michelle W.

 Growing up I felt unlucky being Jewish. Because of the trip I now feel proud  I’ve never felt so lucky to be who I am. 

– Hayley H.


 Seriously, the best trip EVER. 

– Sarah Y.

 The staff has been so great, they made us feel at home right away. 

– Raquel F.


 Who knew that there were so many cool people on campus? Surprisingly, we all got so close. I tell all my friends now to go on this trip. You won’t regret it. 

– Jess Z.

 Israel was, for lack of a better term, indescribable. Life-changing, actually. 

– Judy S.


Photo: Briana Varkel

 Every day was packed with something incredible and new. 

– Will J.

 This tour was friggin amazing. 

– Nick C.


 The staff was knowledgeable, open, warm and super fun! 

– Danielle L.

 This trip helped bring meaning back into my life. 

– Alex P.


Photo: Wesley Freiden


 As soon as I landed in Israel, I had this feeling of coming home. Thank you for allowing me to experience the friendships, memories, and new experiences that I will forever treasure. 

– Amanda L.

 Israel Free Spirit was one of the most incredible experiences of my life; I learned Israel, inside out, upside down in 10 interactive, action-packed, informative days. 

– Chava S.


 I love the energy, culture, people, and style of Israel! 

– Brianna G.

 Everyone on the trip created a comfortable environment where I felt truly free to be myself. 

– Rachel Z.


Photo: Caroline Kaufman

 You learn so many new things, the culture, the history, and the people compare to nothing you’ll find anywhere else. 

– Erica K.

 Hanging out with the eight Israelis on the trip taught me that we’re so much more similar than I realized. 

– Karen K.


 I had the best time on this trip, thank you! 

– Daniel S.

 The trip of a lifetime. It completely opened my eyes up to a whole new world. 

– Julia P.




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