Flight Stipends:


  • Reimbursements on flights will be provided by the program organizer to participants who have successfully completed their volunteer program.
  • Arrange your own flight and get reimbursed as follows:
    • North America & FSU: $700 USD
    • Europe : $500 USD
    • Latin America: $900USD
    • Other Countries: $700 USD
  • The level of the reimbursement cannot surpass the cost of the ticket.
  • You will need to present plane tickets and proof of purchase to the program organizer in order to receive your refund.
  • Refunds will be carried out approximately 6 weeks following program completion.
  • An EL AL exclusive offer for 15% off on direct flights to Israel (code is available after you’ve been accepted)
  • Reimbursements are available for flights starting February 26

**Note: You must land in Israel no later than 4PM on the day of the program Landing (start) Date**

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