Trip Date
Departure City
7-10 days

This is our unique trip for young professionals and graduate students. The 9-5 work day cannot stifle your sense of adventure and this specialized itinerary highlights the attractions and activities that best fit your lifestyle. Israel Free Spirit trips seamlessly blend together the cultural, spiritual, and physical aspects of Israel to give you the most meaningful and memorable journey. This is the ideal trip to explore while networking with people from around the U.S. and Israel. 

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Dates for Winter 2017/18 trips will be posted below! In the meantime, you can view a sample of this summer’s trip dates for 22-26 year olds.

Departs Returns Age Leaves Trip Type
May 22 May 29 22-26 NY 7-Day Trip
Jun 11 Jun 21 19-25 NY Adrenaline Rush * BRAND NEW*
Jun 18 Jun 28 22-26 LA General
Jun 18 Jun 28 19-25 NY Business, Tech & Innovation
Jun 21 Jul 2 22-26 NY General
Jul 3 Jul 13 22-26 NY General
Jul 3 Jul 13 20-26 NY Soul Trek
Jul 10 Jul 20 22-26 LA General
Jul 31 Aug 10 22-26 NY Arts, Music, & Entertainment
Aug 9 Aug 20 22-26 LA General
Aug 14 Aug 21 22-26 NY 7-Day Trip

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Itinerary Highlights

Ride a camel across the desert
Rafting down the Jordan River
Feel history come alive at the Western Wall
Tour an award winning winery
Relax on Tel Aviv beaches
Scale the magnificent Masada
Hike the waterfalls in the Golan Heights
Float in the Dead Sea
Connect with Israelis your age
Attend a mega-event concert
Taste the Mediterranean delicacies
Experience the nightlife in Tel Aviv & Jerusalem