Trip Date
Departure City
Dec or Jan
10 days

This trip is only for girls and caters to applicants from Orthodox backgrounds.

You’ve been DREAMING about visiting Israel since you could speak.  Stories about Yerushalayim move you in ways nothing else can.  You would do anything for a chance to touch the cool Kotel stones and see history come alive before your eyes.

How do I apply?

Summer Registration is now OPEN!

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It’s commitment-free and takes just 10 minutes.

*This trip is open to applicants from United States and Canada.

Join us on this Birthright Israel trip for the spiritual journey of a lifetime as we explore the land of Eretz Yisroel! You’ll visit wondrous and awe-inspiring sites while creating lasting and meaningful friendships with amazing new mishpacha #friendsforlife.  From kevarim of Tzadikkim to Shabbos at the Kotel, this is a tour you will not want to miss! We subscribe to a strict level of kashrus.  Our trip hechsherim are Badatz, Harav Rubin, Harav Landau, and Rabbanut Mehadrin. No expense is spared—you’ll embark on a trip that you will remember and cherish for years to come.

Please note the following eligibility rules to make sure this is the trip for you:

  • You may not have attended yeshiva or seminary in Israel for 3 months or more
  • You are currently not enrolled in a full time Judaic study program (part time is okay)
  • You have graduated high school
  • You have not lived in Israel for more than 3 months past age 12

In this unforgettable trip you could experience all the amazing and spiritual experiences that Israel has to offer.

  • Meditate in mystical Tzfat, the birthplace of Kabbalah, while perusing the stunning artwork and meeting a famous artist.
  • Visit kevers of the great Tzaddikim as you daven for your most meaningful requests
  • Feel the sand crunch beneath your feet as you mount a camel in the Negev and explore the beauty that only the serene desert can provide.
  • Float in the Dead Sea, the lowest place on earth, and taking part in its cleansing and soothing mineral baths.
  • Uncover the hidden waterfalls of Ein Gedi, as you cool yourself off after an awe-inspiring hike.
  • Unearth Dovid HaMelech’s Palace at the City of David, while walking through ancient underwater tunnels.
  • Raft down the Jordan River, feeling the cool spray of the water as the wind whips your face.
  • Take a walking tour on the rooftops of the Old City of Yerushalayim, learning how the old and modern intertwine.
  • Or do some of the other cool things from our sample itinerary
  • Make amazing new connections and develop friendships for life!

So get pumped! Just don’t forget to register with OU-Israel Free Spirit.

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