Campus Trips

You’re CRAVING a chance to get away to someplace exotic and exciting.  You’ve been DREAMING of trying new foods ever since Middle Eastern night in the d-hall.  You want to chillax on the beach under the stars (in the middle of the winter, #whatwhat!), go clubbing, and/or make some new #lifelongfriends from campus. You’re a little curious to explore your heritage beyond Sunday bagels and lox.  Or…you’re looking for a place to have a final BLAST with some amazing new friends before entering the “real world.”

Then take a break from campus life and join us on an unforgettable trip of a lifetime to the amazing land of Israel!!!  Yalla!


For 10 jam-packed days you will experience the PARTY OF THE CENTURY in one of the most exciting and beautiful countries in the WORLD.    Kids from your college are going to be rafting, mountain climbing, ATVing and doing enough shopping to fill up yours and your roommates’ closets!  Plus, you’ll be exploring all the big questions in the mystical, mysterious land of Israel.

Did you know:

  • The Dead Sea is over 1300 feet below sea level and is the lowest place in the world! (Not the hole that the Earth Science majors dug behind the quad)
  • There are more than 40 kosher McDonalds in Israel!  (But why bother when there are so many diverse and delicious foods to sample)
  • About 1 million notes are left in the Western Wall in Jerusalem each year! (Come and make yours count!)
  • An Israeli company developed the world’s first jellyfish repellant! (Good to know when you are chillin on the sparkling Mediterranean beaches.)

On this amazing trip, you will experience all the mind-blowing sites that Israel has to offer.  Prepare to:

  • Hike through gushing 90 ft waterfalls in the Golan Heights (This ain’t no family nature walk.)
  • Chillax on a beautiful Kinneret boat ride (Perfect tanning op)
  • Attend an exclusive concert with a chart topping Israeli musician (Dig the vibes)
  • Mount a camel in the Negev (Giddyup!)
  • Scale the magnificent Masada (Feel it in your glutes)
  • Raft down the Jordan River (Hold on tight!)
  • Tour an award winning winery (Darty?)
  • Experience awesome Tel Aviv nightlife (Rage time!)
  • Make an awesome new framily!!!

And much, much more!  This is a trip that you and your campus-mates will be reliving for years to come.  Plus, at the end of your journey, you’ll be going back to campus with your amazing new friends to continue the mesiba (Hebrew word for party) on your home turf!  We’ll also hook you up with other alumni from past trips so that you guys can bond over your great time.  It’s the excitement that never stops!

Did you hear?  #IsraelFreeSpirit doesn’t skimp on the fun.  You’ll have the most incredible trip that money can buy, because we want to make sure that you have the time of your life!

So what are you waiting for???


“Birthright Israel was the most AMAZING trip I have ever been on.  The activities were awesome and I made friends for life!”

“Who knew that there were so many cool people on campus?  We did the Israel journey together and got so close.  I tell all my friends to go on this trip.  You won’t regret it.”

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