You can bring your friends along too!

We get that this is the kind of adventure you may want to share with friends, that one-time fun bonding experience where you’ll come back with memories to last a lifetime..and we’re not talking about just sharing a few pictures on Instagram with friends back home.

Got a travel time that works for all of you? Great, just register and when you get to the Travel Section of your application, simply do the following to help us match you up:

1) Tag each other there (make sure your friends have all confirmed #IsraelFreeSpirit as their trip organizer to do this, and ask them for the email address they used to apply for the trip — so that you can easily tag each other)
2) Rank your trip date preferences in the exact same order

#Protip: The earlier you all sign up together when registration opens, the more spots can be open to you, and the more control you’ll have over who you get to bring.

Don’t panic if your friends can’t make it!

Hey, sometimes life schedules don’t sync up and there’s just no way your friends can come with you. Don’t let this hold you back. (Seriously, life has a way of getting busy and you don’t want to miss out on this opportunity because of future summer classes, internships, job responsibilities…Life is too short!)

Plus, there will be lots of other participants who also come on their own. We’ve designed these trips with everyone in mind, and have an awesome track record of fostering incredible friendships and connections of all kinds, new and old. Travelers on previous trips have assured us that even if you go in with no friends at all, the biggest problem  you’ll have is figuring out how to keep in touch with all the new ones you’ve made.

Still a little apprehensive? Check this out: if you want to meet more people from your school, we offer some campus trips that are great for networking once you’re back on home soil. If you want to meet more people from your area, we offer regional trips. If you want to be certain of common ground with your bus-mates, we offer trips for those with shared interests in art, business, volunteering, and more. And if you want to branch out and be sure to meet people from other walks of life, we have national trips with participants from all over the country.

Will it be safe for us to hang out on the town, during our free evenings, right now?

Yes, you do get a couple of free leisure evenings to go out on the town and hang out with your friends, get henna tattoos, browse for souvenirs, and enjoy everything the Israeli nightlife has to offer.

So we want to assure you, we have a stellar reputation when it comes to security. This trip is designed to be fun, exciting, and eye-opening, and that means a comprehensive safety umbrella.

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