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Day 1

Shalom & Welcome to Israel!
Meet the other participants and your staff through interactive icebreakers.

Caesarea – Ancient City along the Mediterranean Sea
Explore the coastal city of Caesarea,  the Roman aqueduct &  an impromptu performance at an authentic Roman amphitheater

Mediterranean Lunch & Free Time in Zichron Yaakov
Choose from over 20 Mediterranean restaurants and cafes in this modern bustling outside market

Tiberius – Overlooking the Sea of Galilee (Kinneret)
Arrive at the hotel. Freshen up and meet the group on the hotel balcony for orientation

Dinner at Restaurant On the Boardwalk
Located on the boardwalk in Tiberius, their private party room will be filled with unlimited platters of sizzling hot pizza, more pasta choices than you can imagine, cheesy potatoes, fresh salads, and ice cream for dessert

Free Night to Relax After the Long Journey

Additional Examples:
– Nachal Amud Hike
Olive Press Factory


Day 2

Breakfast at the Hotel
Taste an authentic Israeli breakfast, featuring shashuka, salad buffet, scrambled eggs, rich chocolate pudding, cottage cheese, fresh vegetables, toasted bread and bread rolls

Golan Heights – Hiking Through Waterfalls
Feel the adrenaline rush as you hike along the Yehudiya Zavitan leading to the 92-foot waterfall.

Cafe Lunch & Free Time in Katzrin Shopping Mall

Winery Tour & Wine Tasting
Taste award-winning wines from the Golan Heights Winery and witness first-hand how wine is produced, packaged, and shipped around the world.

Former Israeli Bunker & Observation Point
Experience the places behind the news headlines at Mt. Bental, an observation point and former Israeli bunker between the Israeli and Syrian border.

Dinner in Hotel Dining Room
Endless food options, includes but not limited to an array of meats, chickens, fish, french fries, cooked vegetable dishes, make-your-own salad, chocolate, and fruit pastries.

Night Activity: Private Concert with Chart-Topping Israeli Musican
Meet one of Israel’s celebrities and experience his incredible journey through music.

Additional Examples:
Banyas Waterfall Hike
– Biking in Hula Valley


Day 3

Breakfast at the Hotel

Israelis Join the Trip
Eight Israeli participants your age join the family and will spend the next five days with you.

ATVing in the North
Feel the adrenaline rush as you ride through rugged terrain with all your new friends.

Cafe Lunch & Free Time in Tzfat
Choose from an array of cafes including falafel, shwarma, salad bar, pita and hummus platter, etc and top it off with your own super cool easy hand-made freshly squeezed juice or ice cream for dessert!

The Mystical City of Tzfat Tour
Set in the backdrop of beautiful lush mountains, Tzfat provides a picturesque neighborhood and antique architecture with breathtaking stone arches and buildings dating back over 500 years.

Shopping in the Artist Colony
Enjoy your free time walking around cobblestone roads lined with eclectic artists, entertainers, street painters and galleries.

Discussion with Kabballah Artist
Incredible intro to Kabballah from the famous Avraham Levental, an engaging speaker in the birthplace of Jewish mysticism.

Dinner at the Hotel
Buffet style feast with options to really satisfy the appetite you worked up.

Activity Led by Israelis
Learn more about real life in Israel with a special surprise (and super cool) interactive activity planned by the Israeli participants.

Boat Ride on the Kinneret
Sit back, relax, and enjoy the wind in your hair as you ride along the Kinneret. Drum circle and Music DJ included.

Additional Examples:
Candle-making workshop at Safed Candles
– Travel to seafront caves by cable car


Day 4

Breakfast at the Hotel

Relax on the Tel Aviv Beach
Drive to the metropolitan city of Tel Aviv and have a love-at-first sight experience with Tel Aviv’s sunny beaches. We’ll provide the beach balls, water guns, and Israel’s most favorite beach game: matkot.

Tour of Historic Jaffa on Mediterranean Shores
Witness the interplay between past and present in the port city of Jaffa. Weave through the flavor of this diverse area featuring Jewish, Christian, and Muslim sites

Lunch & Free Time in Center of Tel Aviv
Feel the pulse and taste the aroma of Tel Aviv in the Nachalat Binyamin and Carmel market. This is THE place to buy all those souvenirs your friends and families are waiting for.

Independence Hall – the Birthplace of Modern State of Israel
Relive modern history at this momentous site in Tel Aviv. Discover the miracles first-hand that occurred to establish Israel in 1948.

Experience Rabin Square
Be transported into the events that occurred and feel the emotions still present at this famous public city square.

Dinner & Check-In at the New Beachfront Hotel
This hotel features an array of cuisine choices ready to eat after a long day of traveling.

Night Out in Tel Aviv
Spend the night at the hottest clubs, bars, and/or cafes in one of the world’s top party cities. #bestnightever

Additional Examples:
Graffiti Tour of Tel Aviv with world-famous graffiti artist
– Concert or theater show at one of Tel Aviv’s performance centers


Day 5

Breakfast at the Hotel

Mount Scopus: Jerusalem Overlook
It’s a panoramic view like no other with the entire city of Jerusalem right in front of your eyes. Get your cameras ready…

Lunch & Free Time at Machane Yehuda – Colorful Jerusalem Marketplace
Immerse yourself in the aromatic smell of freshly baked pastries, challah, halva, baklava, and other mouth-savoring foods.

Pool Time at the Hotel & Prepare for Shabbat
Get comfortable in the new Jerusalem hotel (featuring a jacuzzi, outdoor and indoor pool, & spa). Dress in your finest as we get ready for the Shabbat experience.

Western Wall Celebration
Be part of the biggest Shabbat celebration with people across the world dancing and singing together.

Festive Five-Course Shabbat Meal
Dinner in the Old City of Jerusalem featuring the best food, in-depth conversation, and insights from the 3,000 year old Jerusalem history.


Day 6

Optional Shabbat Services or Jewish Meditation Session
Choose between a visit to local Jerusalem synagogues, a session on using meditation in everyday life, or just sleep in.

Breakfast at the Hotel

Finding Your Identity in a Chaotic World: Group Discussion
Gain life-changing lessons and meaningful perspectives on what your identity is all about.

Festive Shabbat Lunch at the Hotel
Freshly-baked challah bread, platters of different salads, smoked salmon, cholent (heart-warming meat stew), sautéed vegetables, glazed turkey breast, chocolate and vanilla cake

Jerusalem Neighborhood Walking Tour
Join your group on a walk to the Wohl Rose Park, the largest rose park in Israel, and the Knesset (parliament).

Improv Comedy Activity
#rofl is all that’s needed to describe this activity.

Dinner at the Hotel

Musical Havdalah Ceremony
Meet at the hotel balcony for an uplifting experience as we conclude Shabbat.

Leisure Night on Ben Yehuda Street
Night out in the city center of Ben Yehuda Street, the place for the best nightclubs, hookah bars, shopping and restaurants.


Day 7

Breakfast at the Hotel

Israel & Middle East Political Update
Get the latest information on what’s really going on in the Middle East from Neil Lazarus, the leader in political seminars for young adults.

Old City of Jerusalem Tour
Seamlessly glide between past, present, and future in the most famous area of Jerusalem. Journey through the Jewish Quarter and its changing roles from 2,000 years ago to the present day.  Explore its shops, historical centers, and places of worship for the three major world religions, Judaism, Islam, and Christianity.

Lunch & Free Time on Rahav Square
Visit the famous Burger’s Bar with meat and vegetarian options, the always delicious falafel or shwarma stands, nice café with pizza, bagels, salad choices, and get some ice cream if there’s time

Cardo Street: History in the Now
The perfect union between old and new is found on the streets of Cardo where shops line the underground passageway, while original columns stand from 1,500 years ago.

Western Wall Tunnel Tours
Go underneath the city to see the full hidden layers of the Western Wall. Experience the unique relationship between the Temple and the Jewish people

Explore the Ancient City of David
A guided tour through underground water tunnels leading to ancient shafts, fortresses, and the site where kings were crowned.

Dinner at the Hotel

Tie-In Session: What’s the Point of It All?
Begin the discovery toward understanding the meaning of life.

Additional Examples:
– Archeological excavations at the Davidson Center


Day 8

Breakfast at the Hotel

Yad Vashem – Holocaust Memorial Museum
Begin the encounter with a personal testimonial from a Holocaust survivor. Receive a guided and emotional tour through the most important museum in Israel.

Mt. Herzl – State of Israel’s National Cemetery

Pay respects to Israel’s fallen soldiers, prime ministers, and other individuals who shaped the land of Israel.

Drive to the South

Camel Riding #humpday
Travel through the Negev Desert on a camel with the desert’s sunset in the background

Bedouin Hospitality
Taste traditional Bedouin coffee and learn about the nomadic culture from a Bedouin sheikh

Traditional Bedouin Hafla Dinner
Unlimited amounts of spiced rice, chicken with za’atar, handmade hummus, tehina, salads, and freshly bake pita bread

Desert Night Hike & Meditation
It’s just you and a blanket of stars right above. Take your connection to a whole new level.

Bonfire Under the Stars
Spend the night singing, telling scary stories, playing the guitar, and roasting marshmallows in front of the camp fire.

Overnight in a Bedouin Tent

Additional Examples:
– Bedouin Women’s Embroidery Center
– Basket Weaving Class


Day 9

Breakfast at the Bedouin Tents
Hot pita, chocolate spread, toast with butter, a taste of home with American cereal, five types of cheeses, cottage cheese, yogurt, Bedouin coffee and tea

MasadaAncient mountain-top fortress
Hike along breathe-taking mountain views to this isolated rock plateau, the site of King Herod’s palaces and one of the most famous events in Jewish history.

Bar/Bat Mitzvah Ceremonies atop Masada
Choose to have a bar/bat mitzvah or take on a Hebrew name and receive a special gift to take back home.

Lunch at Masada
Masada Vistor Center has over numerous places to choose from, including a buffet selection.

Float in the Dead Sea – The Lowest Point on Earth
Nominated as one of the world’s seven wonders, the Dead Sea leaves your skin feeling smooth and your entire body relaxed.

Ein Gedi Oasis
Hike through this nature reserve featuring four waterfalls, both tropical and desert vegetation, and a first-century village.

Dinner at the Hotel

Tie-in Session: Guide to Happiness
Map out where the cities we’ve traveled to and hear how each city teaches us how to enjoy life to the fullest

Additional Examples:
– Mineral mud spa treatment
– AHAVA factory tour


Day 10

Breakfast at the Hotel

Volunteer at a Farm in the Desert
Hand-pick fruit and vegetables at the Shvil Hasalat, an active farm in the middle of the desert

BBQ Lunch

Workshop with at-risk youth
Visit an after-school program that empowers kids to accomplish their dreams

Final Banquet
Wrap up our incredible adventure with good food, awesome new friends, and memories to last forever.

Depart to Airport
Bye, Israel! We’ll miss you and hope to come back soon!



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