Tel Aviv

Ranked among the top 10 action-packed cities in the world, Tel Aviv offers the hottest spots for beaches, music, art, fashion, technology, architecture, cuisine, and clubbing.  This coastal metropolis sits along a 14-kilometer-long strip of the Mediterranean Sea. Madonna, Justin Timberlake, Rolling Stones, and Rihanna are just some of the performers who chose Tel Aviv as their concert venue this past year.

The first Jewish modern city built in Israel also played an essential role in the formation of the modern state as the site of the declaration of independence in 1948. Throughout its history, Tel Aviv served as the first stop for many immigrants making aliyah to the new country and continues to be viewed as the most diverse city in Israel today.

Must See Sites:

Carmel Market: Known by the locals as Shuk Ha’Carmel, this bustling market showcases Tel Aviv’s outgoing personality while serving the local food delicacies, the best Judaic souvenirs, and the most amusing characters. The key time to go is on Tuesday or Friday when the parallel street is lined with independent artists and vendors selling unique art and jewelry.

Independence Hall: With the original artifacts still in place, this momentous site transports you to May 14, 1948, the day of the declaration of independence.  In addition, the building itself served as the home for Tel Aviv’s first mayor and the Tel Aviv Museum of Art from 1932 until 1971.

Beach Promenade: Picture Perfect. Modern. Relaxing. All words to describe Tel Aviv’s coastal boardwalk, the Tayelet. Stroll along to find cafes on the beach sand, rent a bike to see the whole length, or play volleyball with the local Israelis.

Rabin Square: Voice your opinions at this public city square used for countless political rallies, parades, and other public events. The square, also the site Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin’s assassination in 1995, begins the conversation for you to understand the conflict within the community.

Old Jaffa Port: Among the most modern city in Israel stands a piece of its history at the Old Jaffa Port. As one of the oldest ports in the world, it still acts as a working port for fishermen and offers an escape of the big city.

The White City: Declared as a World Heritage site by UNESCO, this segment of Tel Aviv houses the largest group of International Bauhaus style buildings


Morning on the Beach: Start off the Tel Aviv adventure relaxing on the beach while sipping your ice café, playing matkot – Israel’s national sport, swimming in the Mediterranean Sea.

Night Out in Tel Aviv: Described as “the most intense party town I’ve ever been to” by actress Claire Danes, Tel Aviv bars and clubs offer the best in Israeli nightlife.

Graffiti Tour: Discover the meaning behind the art that decorates Tel Aviv’s streets with world-renowned graffiti artist.

#Protip: Buy souvenirs for your friends and family during free time at the Carmel Market. It has the cheapest prices and the most variety.


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