The Negev

Encounter natural beauty on the Negev’s expansive desert land, which makes up over half of Israel. The desert climate offers extravagant panorama views and unique sightings aka #camelsplus along the way.

The Negev has seen an increase in tourism based on the diverse ways it allows its visitors to experience the region. Bike, off-road jeeping, or camel are just a few transportation options available to discover the land and people of the Negev.

Must See Sites:

Sde Boker: David Ben-Gurion, Israel’s first prime minister, vowed to transform the Negev into a warm community where people would love to live. Sde Boker, a kibbutz in the Negev, is the result of his life-long dream. As visitors walk up the steep cliff where Ben-Gurion and his wife are buried, they are welcomed by breathtaking landscape views of Zin Valley and Avdat Heights.

Bedouin Embroidery Center: Hear from a revolutionary Bedouin woman on how her center makes positive change for the women of her community.

Ein Avdat: A picturesque scene through this Negev canyon scattered with deep pools, waterfalls, soft rock layers, and spectacular plant life.


Bedouin Tent Experience: Bedouin hospitality is like no other! As you enter the colorful tents, pass around traditional Bedouin coffee and tea and hear from a Bedouin sheik about his culture.  Afterwards, enjoy freshly baked pita with your traditional hafla dinner (salads, hummus, tehina, rice, seasoned chicken, and more).

Camel Riding: Trek through the Negev desert on camels as the sun sets in the background. Explore the land of Israel the same way our ancestors did thousands of years ago!

Bonfire under the Stars: As millions of stars glitter up above, you’ll spend the night singing, eating s’mores, and telling good stories with your group.

Night Desert Hike: Join your group for a transformational experience under the desert stars. As your staff leads a mediation session in the middle of the desert, just look up and enjoy the view of the night sky.

#Protip: Bring an overnight backpack for the Bedouin Experience and a flashlight for the night hike.


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