The story of Masada, the ancient fortress atop a 1300 feet mountain, reads like a Hollywood movie.  Built in 30 BCE as a location for one of King Herod’s palaces, Masada also contained a thriving Jewish community in its history. In the year 73 BCE, the Jewish people made a difficult choice as the Romans approached for conquest. Through their martyrdom, the Jewish people of Masada formed the site into a representation of heroism and courage. Today Masada stands as one of the most famous places in Israel with views of the Dead Sea to its west and the desert landscape to its east.


Roman Ramp Trail: Make your way to the anciet fortress by hiking up the Masada Mountain. Take in the expanse desert views while you try to catch your breath going up the steep trail.

Echo Balcony: This hidden gem, located at a far corner of Masada, captures the immense power of our words. Here’s how it works: line up along the railing, yell out a word together with the rest of your group, and listen as your words are shouted back by the echo.

Bar/Bat Mitzvahs: This powerful opportunity allows you to express yourself in a special way atop this momentous site. If you’ve never had a Bar/Bat Mitzvah or if you want another one, now’s your chance! There’s no Torah reading or Hebrew knowledge necessary. Just make a short speech, sing a song, read a poem, or express yourself however you feel and then…get a gorgeous gift from Israel Free Spirit!

#Protip: You will need a large water bottle and a hat for the hike #reallyhot. Two days before going to Masada, let your staff know if you’d like a Bar/Bat Mitzvah so they can prepare your gift!


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