Ein Gedi

An oasis between the Dead Sea and Masada, Ein Gedi features archeological significance and remarkable hikes. With a 5,000 year old history, Ein Gedi contains an ancient synagogue from the Byzantine period that was recently restored for visitors to witness how the Jewish community once lived in the area. From the mosaic-covered floor mosaics excavated from the original structure to the pillars standing proudly among visitors, synagogue covers 16M x 13M (52.49 ft x 42.65 ft).

A stark contrast between the desert climate of the surrounding areas and the rich plant life of Ein Gedi, this nature reserve and national park serves the action-seeking visitors with its great hiking terrain and pouring waterfalls.  Ein Gedi, ein meaning spring and gedi meaning kid goat in Hebrew, also provides animal life sightings of horned Nubian ibex and Syrian rock hyraxes.

#Proptip: Take a dip in the waterfall pools for a refreshing break along the Ein Gedi hike.


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