Your safety and security are our #1 priority, and in accordance with Birthright Israel’s policies, we do our utmost to ensure both. As the COVID-19 situation continues, these FAQ’s are subject to change and updates will be posted here. Last updated 3/22/2021

When will Birthright Israel trips resume?

Birthright Israel trips will resume as soon as it is safe to travel, hopefully in late summer 2021. We are continuously monitoring the situation and are in close contact with Israel’s Ministry of Health. When trips resume, we plan to take all necessary measures to ensure a safe, fun and enjoyable Birthright Israel experience.

How is Birthright Israel making its health and safety decisions?

We are working closely with Israel’s Ministry of Health and will maintain the highest level of precautions once trips resume and adjust whenever necessary.

What can I expect in the meantime?

Save your spot* now on a first-come, first-serve basis, registration is open and commitment free.  Show your interest by applying online and update your preferred time of travel with the confidence in knowing that your deposit is fully refundable.  Then sit tight, we will make sure to let you know when trips resume.

*Spots may be limited

I was already accepted for a scheduled trip… now what?

If your trip was cancelled, you already have priority status. We’ll reach out to get all the updated information necessary to get you on a trip once possible.

I started an application but never finished… now what?

If you wish to travel in summer 2021, we highly recommend that you complete your application to get a head start on the process as soon as possible. We anticipate high demand once trips resume.

How will my trip be different from a regular trip due to COVID-19?

As it always has been for the last 21 years of operation, the safety and well-being of our participants and staff is our highest priority and foremost concern. Most of the flights to Israel will be direct, your Birthright Israel group will have fewer participants, you will spend more time outdoors, visit sites that abide by the high standards of Israel’s Ministry of Health, wear a facemask in public and keep 6 feet / 2 meters from others outside your group when possible.

Other than that, we can assure you that we will take all necessary measures to ensure a safe, fun and enjoyable Birthright Israel experience.

Are most people in Israel vaccinated?

Yes. Currently Israel is leading in vaccination rate and the majority of the population over the age of 16 are already vaccinated.

Do I need to have had a COVID-19 vaccine to participate?

Currently, no tourists can enter Israel and ultimately, the government of Israel will determine when and how it is safe to reopen its borders to tourists. While it is likely that entry to Israel will be given to those who are *vaccinated, it may also be available to others who have recovered from COVID-19 or those who can provide a negative test result within a specific time period before the trip.

*Documented verification of vaccine will be required

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