Trip Date
Departure City
10 days

These trips are designed specifically with you in mind. For the frum woman who spent years learning about the land of Israel and finally wants to touch it, feel it, live it. With extra time in Jerusalem and Tzfat, visiting kevarim and mehadrin food, this trip allows you to experience Israel the way you’ve always dreamed. Plus you’ll get the fun and exciting program that Birthright Israel is known for:  beautiful sights, meeting with Israelis your age, and once-in-a-lifetime activities.

Save your spot now risk-free! 

We’re in close contact with Israel’s Ministry of Health as we innovate and develop protocols to keep your safety our number one priority.

Commitment Free  

Filling out an application just shows you’re interested in future trips and lets us know what months might work for you.

What’s the difference between this trip and other trips?

This trip is exclusively for females and open to applicants from the United States and Canada. On this trip we subscribe to a strict level of kashrus. Our trip hechsherim are Badatz, Harav Rubin, Harav Landau, and Rabbanut Mehadrin.

Am I eligible?

Please note the following eligibility rules to make sure this is the trip for you:

  • You may not have attended yeshiva or seminary in Israel for 3 months or more
  • You are currently not enrolled in a full time Judaic study program (part time is okay)
  • You have graduated high school
  • You have not lived in Israel for more than 3 months past age 12

Indulge yourself – This is Israel Free Spirit, and your adventure starts here.

Itinerary Highlights

Experience mystical Tzfat
Visit kevers of great Tzaddikim
Ride camels in the sunset
Float in the Dead Sea
Taste authentic Israeli food
Feel the energy of Yerushalayim