Trip Date
Departure City
10 days

You want to take in all of the spiritual delights of this awe-inspiring country, and be healed in ways you could not have even imagined. You look forward to reconnecting with your inner peace, alongside a group of people who will truly understand you. You want to see history come alive before your eyes and stir your soul in the most meaningful way. You are ready to celebrate what you have accomplished-with a relaxing Mediterranean break.

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Twelve Step Recovery Tour with JACS B&W

*This trip is open to applicants from USA and Canada, 18-26 years old in recovery or impacted by addiction.

This AMAZING and INSPIRATIONAL Birthright Israel trip takes you on a special journey through this beautiful country. You’ll embrace the spiritual, social, and cultural enjoyments of this unique country while being provided with a high level of safety and support. This is a sober tour.

On this fabulous and moving adventure you can:

  • Begin the day with a short meditation, grounding you and preparing you for the fun activities ahead
  • End with a 12 step meeting or group processing, completing your day with support and love from your peers
  • Visit Matrix Reloaded, a modern inpatient treatment center in Herzilya, meeting incredible people from all over the world
  • Discover new insights about your heritage, your peers, and yourself
  • Plus  get to experience all of the wonderful sites and adventures that Israel has to offer

Questions? Contact Sharon Darack, or (212) 632-4727.

Itinerary Highlights

Ride a camel in the Negev Desert
Meditation Session on the Tel Aviv beach
Tour the mystical city of Tzfat
ATVing on the rugged terrain
Support from dedicated staff
Bond with Israelis your age
Put a note in the Western Wall
Float in the Dead Sea
Volunteer with Israeli recovery centers