Trip Date
Departure City
June 22*
10 days
New York

You read the business pages with enthusiasm. You pride yourself on being technologically savvy and on the “cutting edge” of the industry. You are eager to network with some of the leading professionals in your field. A personal tour of a Fortune 500 company headquarters seems like a dream come true. Hearing the phrase “Start Up Nation” makes you giddy. You’re pumped to travel, network, and have a BLAST in what is considered the world’s second “Silicon Valley.”

Then this is the tour for you!

How do I apply?

This trip is exclusive with Israel Free Spirit, one of the Taglit-Birthright Israel trip organizers, in partnership with Bizrael. Registration is now open! Click here to apply.

On this Birthright Israel trip, you’ll be able to discover what makes Israel such an amazing and unique country and on the FOREFRONT of some of the major technological advances in recent years.

*This trip is open to Canadians.

What’s the difference between this trip and other trips?

In addition to experiencing the adventurous and jam-packed #IsraelFreeSpirit itinerary, you’ll be able to witness the FOREFRONT of some of the major technological advances in recent years. In this unforgettable expedition, you could experience all of the hi-tech sites that Israel has to offer, plus the once-in-a-lifetime experience of a Birthright Israel trip.

Questions? Feel free to contact Bizrael at  and don’t get left behind! If you are a Canadian resident, please contact Rabbi Wolnerman, or call 647-523-7565.

Itinerary Highlights

Tour Google headquarters
Ride a camel through the desert
Raft down the Jordan River
Meet entrepreneurs from the hottest Israeli start-ups
Bond with Israelis your age
Put a note in the Western Wall
Network with top CEOs, business leaders, & investors
Mega-event concert with the top Israeli artists
Relax on Tel Aviv beaches