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Bus 559

Exploring the Religious and Historical Sites of Tzfan

Our adventure today took us to the beautiful city of Tzfan. First, we walked into the ancient city center and learned about the history of the Jewish people in the holy city of Tzfan. Next, we climbed to the tallest peak in Tzfan and got a beautiful view of the city. We also explored the jewelry and art sold in the city, and took a tour of Tzfan from several hundred years ago. The city is built on a mountain, and many years ago when there were earthquakes, the city would crumble to rubble. The villagers would then gather dirt, bury the old city, and build a new city on top. The older cities are still being excavated and restored.

We then traveled to the gallery of artist Avraham Leventhal, and he shared his story of discovering Jewish spirituality in the Kabbalah, the spiritual reading of the Torah about the evolution of the consciousness. We learned that infinite goodness is caring for others just as much as we care for ourselves. Avraham left us a lot to consider as we headed out to Tel Aviv.