This is a sample itinerary for a Yachad trip. Please note that this is only an example and your trip may not follow the same schedule.


Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion Airport

Packed Lunch at the Airport

Meet Israeli staff and begin travel

Travel North

Hotel check in

Dinner at Hotel


Breakfast at Hotel

Jeep Riding

Tel Dan Nature Walk

Packed Lunch

Shulman’s Chocolate Factory

Dinner at Hotel

Candle holder making workshop


Breakfast at Hotel

Tour of Tzfat – Jewish mysticism’s birthplace

Lunch in Tzfat

Kinneret Boatride

Beit Hagalgalim Volunteering project

Dinner at Hotel

Preparation for Mifgash with Israelis


Breakfast at Hotel

Hotel check out

Israelis join the group for 5 days

Welcome & ice breakers with Israelis

Chavat Emek Hashalom workshop

Packed Lunch

Nachal Hashofet Nature Walk

Travel to Jerusalem

Beautiful Jerusalem overview from Mount Scopus

Hotel check in

Dinner at Hotel

Preparation for Western Wall aka Kotel


Breakfast at Hotel

Visit Davidson Center

Visit the Western Wall, Kotel

Lunch in the Old City

Prepare for Shabbat

Start of Shabbat – Candle lighting ceremony

Kabbalat Shabbat experience

Festive Shabbat Dinner at Hotel

Oneg Shabbat – Group Activity


Optional Shabbat services

Kiddush and Group Activity

Festive Shabbat Lunch at Hotel

Jerusalem neighborhood walking tour

Group Activity

Dinner at Hotel

Havdallah ceremony – conclusion of Shabbat

Ben Yehuda Street


Breakfast at Hotel

Hotel check out

Kibbutz Kfar Gush Etzion – Visit and Presentation

Pina Chama – Volunteer project


Deer Land Farm

Hotel check in

Dinner at Hotel

Group Activity organized by Israelis


Breakfast at Hotel

Hotel check out

Masada – Ancient mountain-top fortress

Bar/Bat Mitzvah Ceremony

Packed Lunch in Masada

Look out to the Dead Sea

Travel to Jerusalem

Farewell to Israelis

Hotel check in

Dinner at Hotel

Family visiting night


Breakfast at Hotel

Preparation for Yad Vashem

Tour of Yad Vashem – Holocaust Memorial & Museum

Lunch at Beit Hakerem Outdoor Mall

Visit Har Herzl – National & Military Cemetery

Dinner at Hotel

Group Activity with Yachad Israel

Pack to leave hotel in the morning

DAY 10

Breakfast at Hotel

Hotel check out

Travel to Tel Aviv

Independence Hall – Site of declaration of the modern State of Israel

Packed Lunch

Latrun Tank Museum

Closing Program

Dinner at a Restaurant

Drive to Ben Gurion Airport

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