Registering for a Birthright Israel Trip

Registration is Now OPEN. Click here to apply! 

Birthright Israel opens registration twice a year, once for the summer season and once for winter. It’s typically open for a very limited time, and we strongly recommend you apply as soon as possible when it opens.

Each trip has limited spaces, and our trips are very popular. So set an alarm! We don’t want you to miss your chance!

What if I’m Not Sure I Want to Go?

Apply anyway! You’ll still have a number of steps ahead of you before the trip is finalized, and you can back out at any point during the registration before then. “If not now, when?”

If you have (or can create) the chance to go now, don’t put it off. You may never end up having another opportunity for an amazing, action-packed free trip to Israel. Imagine how you’ll feel if you miss it because you hesitated!

 The registration process includes two steps.


  • Any email address that is not .edu
  • A credit card or PayPal account for the refundable deposit
  • A box of cookies (okay, this one is optional)

STEP ONE: Primary Application

Birthright Israel requires everyone to fill out this primary application to choose your trip organizer (that’s us!) and determine that you’re fully eligible and on board! It should take you about 12 minutes. If you get stuck or confused at any point, just give us a call and we’ll walk you through it. 

On the main application form you’ll tell us about yourself, your Jewish background, and why you want to go on this trip, as well as a few other things we need to know to get you started.

To apply:

  • Click Here
  • Register & confirm your email address (or login again)
  • Fill out the main registration form
  • Have a cookie. And keep an eye on your inbox. You’ll receive some important e-mails within 24-48 hours


        Make sure to:

  • Confirm ‘OU Israel Free Spirit’ as your trip organizer
  • Pay your refundable deposit right away to move your application forward
  • If you don’t have a valid passport right now, don’t worry! You can always fill in this information later. Just be sure to apply for one ASAP.

STEP TWO: Secondary Application, Selecting Your Trip Dates, and Phone Convo

  • Log in to your secondary application. This is the opportunity to let us know what dates work best for you, any important medical or dietary information (food allergies, etc), and if you have friends you’d like to travel with who are also applying.
  • Select all trip dates that work for you. Note that some trip dates might be changed; we’ll let you know if these changes affect you! (Reloading on cookies should not be affected.)
  • Set up a brief phone call. Click here to learn more and to sign up!
  • Accept a trip offer. About 1-3 weeks after you apply, we’ll e-mail you an offer for one of our trips, if you’re selected. You’ll have the choice to accept or decline.  Remember to complete everything as soon as possible!

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