Apply for your US Passport

If you are a US Citizen, it’s as easy as going to your local post office to apply for a passport!


After you check which local post office has passport services, you might need to call to make an appointment with them.
Once you arrive for your appointment it’s a quick process— you will be in and out within minutes!!

Bring these docs:

  • Copy of birth certificate (If you don’t have it, bring any other document of evidence of US citizenship)
  • Photo ID (eg. a drivers license)
  •  A copy of your Photo ID

For more info about the documents you will need, or if you don’t have these, click here and choose collect documents

How fast will it arrive?

You have three delivery choices.

  1. Standard Delivery: Passport will arrive in around 6-8 weeks. This option is the least expensive, but the most timely. There is only enough time for this option during the summer season, and even then only if you renew immediately after applying with us.
  2. Expedited Delivery (Recommended): Passport will arrive in around 2-3 weeks. Although this is a little more expensive, we recommend this option to ALL participants! (It may cost in the $150-200 range.) This way you won’t have any worries and will be all set to go on this #free adventure with us!
  3. Same Day Delivery: Passport is ready within 24 hours, and then they expedite the delivery to you. This option should be a last resort! (To use same-day service applicant must call a regional Passport Agency two weeks prior to your trip to schedule an appointment. It’s not guaranteed, but you can try. Ask us for a letter if you need help, get stuck and are in this situation. Expect it to cost over $400.)

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