Passport & Visa Requirements

Submitting Your Passport Copy

Every applicant should submit a photocopy of the inside cover of their passport prior to the start of the program. You may choose one of these three options:



Passport Expration Rule

All visitors to Israel must arrive with a passport that does not expire within six months from the date they're scheduled to return to the US. If your passport expires in less than six months from the date you're scheduled to return to the US, you will need to renew your passport immediately or you may not be allowed entry into Israel. Please do not test this rule! If for any reason you do not get on the flight due to your passport not being valid, you will lost your deposit.

Visa Requirements For Entering Israel

If you plan to travel to Israel on a USA, Canadian, or European Union passport, you do NOT need a visa to enter Israel. If you are traveling on a passport from another country (e.g. Russia, Ukraine, etc.) you may need to obtain a visa to enter Israel (see Israel Visa Requirements). If you are traveling on a "USA Travel Document" in place of a passport, you will need a visa and you should contact your local Israel Consulate immediately. For more information, please contact one of the Regional Israel Consulate Offices *listed below.


Visa Requirements For Connection Transit
It is important to check if a VISA is required for transit in the country they are connecting in.  It is YOUR responsibility to check that you have all proper documents that are needed  to avoid issues once you are traveling.

Here are a few links you may want to visit, check the internet for other sites or contact the consulate.

Entry into Canada        Entry into Ukraine      

Entry into Germany      Entry into Spain

Entry into Austria

Requirements for an Israeli Citizen or Child of One

If either of your parents are citizens of Israel or if you lived in Israel at some point in the past, it is your responsibility to make sure that your status with the Israeli Defense Forces is worked out and clear. If you hold an Israeli passport, you must enter Israel with your Israeli passport. If either of your parents are Israeli citizens, you may still have obligations to the State of Israel that must be worked out prior to your trip even if you do not have an Israeli passport. It is critical that you take care of these matters before you arrive in Israel. If you do not take care of these matters prior to your trip, you may be obligated to stay in Israel by the State of Israel until resolution. If this applies to you, you will be solely responsible for your own situation and any costs involved. Again, we highly recommend that you be extremely cautious about these matters and contact one of the regional Israel consulate offices below if you have any questions.

*Regional Israeli Consualte Offices:

Atlanta / 404-487-6500 /
Boston / 617-535-0200 /
Chicago / 312-297-4800 /
Houston / 713-627-0149 /
Los Angeles / 323-852-5500 / 
Miami / 305-925-9400 /
New York / 212-499-5400 /
Philadelphia / 215-546-5556 /
San Francisco / 415-844-8885 /
Washington, DC / 202-364-5527 /

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